Techno Management Fest
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Techno Management Fest

Techno Management Fest

Important dates:
Event dates: 27th-28th March 2015

Event Details:
IDEASYNTH is an event hosted by the Society of Chemical Techno-Managers, MPSTME,NMIMS. This symposium has the main base objective to connect students to the industry. It is a platform where students and industries personnel can come and share their views and experiences , which will in turn benefit both. As MBA(Tech) students , we have designed our event , which effectively weaves the technical and management expertise of the students. It is an opportunity to synthesize and channel rightly so as to bring shining results.

Events in Mumbai :
DOPE: Diagnosis of Plant Engineering
DUMP: Design and Ultimate Model Presentation
MS.DOS: Master Stroke. Debate on Sustainability.

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