Our Mission
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Our Mission


Having set out with a mission to make education a religion, we strongly believe in practicing what we preach! Our Mission is clear –

  • Introduce the youth to a realm of quality training and coaching
  • Facilitate their personal development via discipline and ethics that are fortified by an exceptionally coherent and evolved value system.
  • Encourage our pupils to learn law as a just practice thus forming a judicial system that works for the betterment of the society.


To us success is a ladder comprising of numerous rungs, each one signifying an objective, a goal to be achieved. For an institution of our standing to be successful it is important that we align our short term as well as our long term goals with the aspirations of our students, who form the backbone of our establishment.

Our goals encompass but are not limited to:

  • Produce able, competent and socially responsible law graduates who can be role models to future lawyers
  • Spread awareness about the judiciary in the society through the services of our students in the field of legal services, reforms, policy planning and legislation
  • Empower the students of our law school to excel in their career