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The college library has a reading hall for students. The Library has a vast collection of books and journals on a variety of subjects.


Timings: The library remains open from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on all working days, except Sundays and public holidays.





Issue/ Return:                   


  • One book at a time is given for a week for home reading.


  • Research documents, periodicals and other materials are available for current reading.


  • Students participating in Moot Court competitions get more than one book at a time for reference.


  • Fine Rs. 1/- per day.



Library Collection:



  • The Library Counter Section includes all standard text books, bare acts and question paper sets. The recent issues of the law reports and journals are displayed at the counter. No guide-like materials are available in the library.


  • Reference and general section has all non-text books arranged subject wise. They include both legal and non legal books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, central acts, manuals, standard commentaries, treatises, biographies etc. from the reference and general collection.



 Library Rules:



  • The students must refrain from disturbing other readers in the library.


  • Students should maintain complete silence in the reading hall. They should switch off their cell phones or keep them on silent mode.


  • Students should bring their belongings to the library at their own risk. If such things are lost, the library staff will not be held responsible.


  • The students should immediately inform the Librarian of any loss, damage of book borrowed by him / her on the library card.


  • Students should contact the Librarian for any problem. They should not argue with the staff on duty.


  • Any matter not covered by these rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal and Librarian.


  • Violation of these rules shall invite disciplinary action.



Other Facilities:



  • The college magazine ‘Percept’ records the academic and non academic events held during the academic year. The faculty and the students of the college also express their legal innovative ideas through the magazine.


  • Book Bank: Under this scheme, set of text books are made available for home reading to needy and deserving students.


  • The Library: Current reading facility is also provided to the ex-students.


  • Current Awareness: Newly purchased books are displayed at the counter and list of the same is put up on the notice board.


  • Article alert: Subject wise list of Journal Articles is displayed quarterly on the notice board. Referring to the list, students can read original journal articles on various legal issues.