Assessment Pattern
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Assessment Pattern

Scheme of Examination


Question Paper Pattern

LL.B Marking Scheme


5 Years and 3 Years Degree

Total Marks 100.


Q .No 1. Ten short Answers in not more than two sentences, two marks each equivalent to 20 marks.

Q. No 2. Short Explanatory / Definitional Analytical notes on any four out of six, five marks each totaling 20 marks.

Q. No 3. Situational / Application questions (Problems) on any two out of three, six marks each totaling 12 marks.

Q. No 4. Essay type questions on four out of six, 12 marks each totaling 48 marks.



Examination – LL.B  (3 Years Course)


Standards of passing the LL.B. examination:


Rule no. 4437- To pass the examination, a candidate must obtain 45% of the full marks in each paper.


  • The successful candidates obtaining more than 45% of marks in one and the same attempt will be placed in Second Class, while those obtaining more than 60% of marks will be placed in first class.
  • The Candidates, who do not secure marks as per clause (a) above, will be declared failed and may at their option claim exemption from re-appearing in the Papers at subsequent examinations in which they have secured more than 45% of marks at the University Examination and 45% of marks in the Practical Training Paper at the College Examination. 
  • The University grants A.T.K.T. as per decisions taken from time to time.


Term grant and examination:


  • A student who has successfully kept the terms for the First /Third / Fifth Semester may be allowed to keep terms for the Second / Fourth / Sixth Semester respectively, irrespective of the result of the examination at the end of the First / Third / Fifth Semester, as the case may be.
  • At the end of the Later Semesters, a student may be permitted to take examination for both the semesters simultaneously.
  • A student may not be eligible for the admission to the Third / Fifth Semesters unless he / she has passed the First and Second or Third and Fourth Semesters as the case may be, 



  • Has secured ‘Exemptions’ in any six papers (excluding Practical Training Paper) of the First and Second or Third and Fourth Semester as the case may be,



  • Has passed in Practical Training Paper of the previous year. Passing in this paper is compulsory, or else students will not be allowed to appear for Semester II, IV & VI University Examinations of 3 Years LL.B. and Semester VI, VIII & X of 5 Years B.L.S. / LL.B. Course, resulting in loss of one year of the course.



Examination B.L.S. /LL.B (5 Years Course)


Standard for Passing The Examination:


R. 4437: To pass the examination the candidate must obtain 45% marks in each theory paper/s and Practical/s separately. Those candidates who obtain less than 60% marks in the same attempt will be placed in second Class. Those successful candidates who obtain 60% marks and more than 60% marks in all paper/s at one and the same attempt will be placed in the First Class.


  • A candidate who obtains 45% marks in Theory paper/s and Practical/s may, at this option, be exempted from appearing in the papers and practical/s as the case may be
  • If a candidate is allowed to join the next higher class as provided in the Ordinance relating to the different examinations, he / she will not be permitted to appear for the higher examinations unless (i) he / she previously passed in the remaining subjects of the lower examination, or (ii) he / she appears in those subjects simultaneously with his / her appearance at the higher examination. In the latter case, however, he / she will, in no circumstances be considered to have passed in the higher examination, or any part of it, unless he / she passes in the aforesaid subjects (with two years of his / her obtaining the marks necessary to pass in the higher examination or any part of it in which separate passing or exemption is permitted by the regulation.
  • When a candidate owing to his failure to pass in the remaining subject/s of the lower examination within two years is not considered to have passed the higher examination or any part of it, he / she will forfeit all benefits occurring from the marks obtained by him / her in the higher examination, but the terms kept by him / her for such higher examination will be available to him / her for any further appearance at the examination.


Term grant and Examination:


  • To keep terms in a college or recognized institution, an undergraduate must complete to the satisfaction of the Principal or the Head of the institution, the course of study at the college or institution prescribed for such terms for the class to which such undergraduate then belongs. Although illness or other serious circumstance may be considered valid for the absence at lectures, tests, tutorials, the circumstances cannot condone a student for poor performance or absence or exempt them from appearing for examinations. Accordingly, students with poor records of academic performance will not be granted terms.
  • Students who have not been granted terms will not be permitted to appear for the semester end examination conducted by the College or University. There will be an examination at the end of each semester. The examination at the end of the Semester I to VIII five years BLS / LL.B course and Semester I to IV of three years LL. B course will be held by the college on behalf and according to the rules of University of Mumbai.
  • The University of Mumbai will hold the Examinations at the end of the Semester V & VI for three years LL. B course and IX & X for five years BLS / LL. B. course.



¤ Please note there could be a change in the Evaluation Scheme as per the guidelines of the University of Mumbai.