Academic Committee
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Academic Committee


The Academic Committee serves as an integral part of the institution. The Committee discharges varied functions under different heads. A brief description of it’s roles and duties is as follows:-








1. Reviewing the academic and other related activities of the college.
2. Reviewing the student and faculty development programmes.
3. visualising and formulating perspectives plans for the development and growth of the college.
4. Promoting research and extension activities in the college campus.
5. Preparing the time table .
6. Preparing and reviewing the academic calendar.
7. Conducting guest lectures and workshops, orientation programmes and convocation.




1. Collecting statistics of various subjects and enrolment therein.
2. Preparing examination blocks .
3. Allocations supervision duties.
4. Conducting examination as per schedule .
5. To oversee the international exam and it’s evaluation.




1. Processing attendance records.
2. Preparing list of defaulters periodically .
3. Recommending measures to check absenteeism.