Any institution would be incomplete without an on-campus library; and worse if it is ill-equipped. Bearing those facts in mind we have built a well-resourced library with an extensive collection of all kinds of books, journals, dictionaries, editorials, magazines etc. for our students to refer to. Students can read the latest editions of books on a wide range of subjects like Economics, Law, Literature, Philosophy, General knowledge and more. Our college also subscribes to the best Legal Journals & Magazines which are made available to facilitate learning. The librarians are well trained in library science and/or bring with them thorough experience in managing a library well.


  • Reading Facility:

Our on-campus reading room that is functional all day long ensures a comfortable and distraction free reading experience for our students and the faculty alike.

  • Book Bank:

Books and other study materials available in our well-resourced library can be borrowed and carried home for reference by our students, especially during the exams, for a period of a month.

  • Daily Newspapers:

In order to ensure that our students and the teaching staff stay abreast with the current happenings all around the world, we rack daily newspapers inside the college’s library. Also, if there are news items pertaining the legal sector, which should never escape the eyes of our students, we make sure to put them up on the notice board inside the library.